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“I am drawn to energy that flows within life and art and often intuitively see or feel forms that are unique to people, places, and things. I connect with this energy and look to manifest or display it in its creative physical foundation on canvas. The intention of embedding this “Pure Energy” into a physical form is to allow for higher dimensional connection, support, and beneficial interaction.”

Artist Bio

Scarlet is an energy artist who conduits multidimensional information gained through intuition/channeling which she converts to an energy structure on canvas. Her energy art creates a vibrational space which empowers not only individual pathways to authentic, higher self and purpose but supports the genetic enhancement of the collective. It has a transformative effect that allows for healing, focus, and profound experience.

Scarlet was introduced to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 2000, which altered the direction of her life. She immersed herself in the wisdom, technology, and practice of various yogic lineages and began to teach in 2005. That same year, she encountered Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, while attending his powerful, seven-day Isha Yoga Course and again, the path of her life transformed dramatically. After two years of dedicated practice and volunteerism, she was invited to live and intensively train in India /Tibet, for extended periods of time. She resigned her 25+ year career as a business professional and accepted the opportunity. She taught yoga through 2010 and continues to rely on Sadhguru, Babaji, Mataji, Yogananda, Neem Karoli Baba, Kwon Yin, St. Therese of Lesieux, and a litany of sacred teachers to guide and encourage her daily life. Her yoga practice continues today and influences a renewed, focused love of Art. After veering from this passion at a young age, Scarlet’s inspiration is reignited and she is delighted share it with others through her Energy Art.

Scarlet is a commissioned artist with installations in private businesses and residences. She loves to create distinctive art pieces that communicate directly with the depth of an individual(s) and or space. Her ability to connect with the client and manifest or display their energy into a unique art piece is her offering and passion.

Scarlet has had several solo showings of her work and participated in Art Fundraisers and Auctions. She has shown in Group Art Exhibitions and at various art showcases throughout Michigan and Florida. She is a published Artist as illustrator of the Book "Self-Acceptance Process" by Barbra White. Her membership includes The International Society of Experimental Artists, Alliance for the Arts Lee County Florida, Center for the Arts Bonita Springs Florida, Starkweather Arts Center MI among other art centers. She continues her education at various art schools and through travel, life experience, and of course, yoga.

“I enjoy working with individuals and groups to create unique pieces for commissioned requests while also showing my work in Galleries and Shows.”

Dear Scarlet, Thank you so much for the wonderful session yesterday! I have been feeling even more at ease and joyful since the session! Though it was done via video session, I felt I was chatting with a good friend in my living room! The questions asked helped me do some reflection on my own. Right now I am at the stage of simply admiring and appreciating its warmth and beauty.

Arden S.
California, USA

Private Sessions

Scarlet Ireland

Energy Artist

Would you like a unique connection to your higher self and the conscious collective?

Obtain a specially created work of art that holds, in its physicality, your distinct energy and provides clarity designed to support your authentic life purpose.

Private session’s offered by Scarlet Ireland, consist of an initial meeting, conducted via video call, in which energy information is exchanged and transmitted. Within two weeks, based on image and messaging received, Scarlet will create and deliver a one-of –kind, piece of art, imbibed with your energy, along with a one page descriptive. A follow-up conversation is available to schedule via email or messaging after delivery.

Private Sessions Include:

Live Remote Energy Art Transmission Session / 45 minute durationUnique Piece of Finished Art/Acrylic/ 12” x 16” Canvas / Artwork DescriptiveFollow-up conversation via email or messaging / 15 minute durationAll of this for only $105.50 Gratitude Discount Price

Please Contact Scarlet directly to Schedule your session upon purchase confirmation.

*Directly Delivered - Packaging/ Handling/ Shipping is an additional cost